Dining Room Design Aesthetics

I’ve put a lot of thought into my dining room design aesthetic for the new house. When you have a separate, more “formal” dining space like I do, it can be a great space to interject a different feel since it’s not a part of another room. While my space does flow into my living room, I still want the style of decor to feel coordinated. However when it comes to the overall aesthetic – the look – I want it to stand on it’s own.

Light & Bright Dining Room Design Aesthetic

My first concept it light and bright, with the walls a slightly deeper tone of white than my living room walls (which will be in Sherwin Williams Alabaster) for just enough contrast. Speaking of contrast, I wanted to balance the light walls with some richer decor, tying in some darker furniture and a patterned rug to anchor the space. Designing with contrast can provide so much interest and depth to a room. The overall vibe here is loosely inspired by a Parisian apartment, and I plan on adding in some DIY decorative molding to really play up that aesthetic.

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Dark & Moody Dining Room Design Aesthetic

I’ve been gravitating towards a dark and moody dining room aesthetic for awhile. There’s something about the high contrast, richness, and overall cozy feel that I love. This look would most definitely provide a sense of spacial separation, however the overall tones and decor would still flow into what I have planned for the living room (you can find that design board here)- so it works! I’m loving a deep charcoal, almost black, with a hint of steel blue tone for the wall color. And here I’ve done the opposite – anchored the space with a lighter rug to balance the dark. I think I’m leaning this direction! What do you think?

Be sure to head over to Instagram and let me know what you like better in the post comments. I can’t wait to transform this blank canvas!

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