April 6, 2021

New House Inspiration: An Earthy Modern Living Room Design

I’ve been dreaming up the vibe for our new house in Austin ever since the offer was accepted, and I’m excited to share the vision of our new living room with this earthy, modern design! I wanted to go in a slightly warmer, luxe and classic direction for our new space. The overall feel is somewhere between a posh hotel in London mixed with a lived in countryside house. Lots of natural textures, earthy tones, sprawling branches and an old world meets modern Victorian edge.

If you are in the process of furnishing a home, you’ll share in the struggle of furniture lead times. So many retailers are giving an estimate of 6 months (or more!) for many pieces, especially anything upholstered. Since we sold most of our main furniture pieces with our condo, we will be purchasing almost every single piece from scratch. While I was initially excited about this adventure (already knowing there would be a longer than normal lead time), I didn’t quite realize the extent of it all (6 months is modest for a lot of places). However, I went and saw this beautiful sectional sofa in store, and luckily has *only* an 8 week lead time!

While some of the other pieces (hello gorgeous curved cane chairs) are going to take much longer, they are the statement pieces of the design and worth the wait. To me, a sofa can be more neutral and a comfy base to your overall room, so I’m much less specific on the design aspect. As long as the lines of the piece compliment everything else and the layout works, I’m good!

For a similar living room vibe, check out this design!

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