November 3, 2020

Welcome to The Smitten Collective!

Ever sorta start something and never finish it?

Yea, that was me. I started a blog in 2010 (I think I had 5 readers) because I needed a “creative outlet” (eye roll, I know). But I truly found a comfort in following other bloggers and loved reading what they had to share every morning. I felt like they were my trusted girlfriends and couldn’t wait to hear their latest book recommendation, outfit idea, or my personal favorite – home decor find and interior design advice. But I was young, and juggling a full time job with dancing for the Chicago Bulls on top of figuring out my life. So, the blog went to the wayside (although maybe I should resurrect my post on a DIY horizontal-stripped focal wall – so on the nose of 2010 trends!).

Fast forward to the year 2020. My career in the event design business went from fast and furious to almost non-existent, and the hot word of the moment was pivot. Cool. I loved my job, but unfortunately designing beautiful events and weddings for large gatherings just wasn’t happening in a capacity that could sustain my career anymore. It was time to put some real thought into what I did next.

During a cross-country road trip back to the Midwest with my husband, dog and cat (yep, it was an adventure), I talked through what my vision of starting my own thing might look like. As an event designer, my favorite part of the process was creating the design board. Putting all the elements together, cohesively, into a curated look and turning it into a reality. I obsess over making things look pretty – both digitally and in real life. My home and decorating has always been my #1. As a kid, I rearranged my room every week. As an adult, I’m the friend who everyone asks for decorating advice. I love home decor and even more so – shopping for it. And so the idea was born. I create a place where I can share my design ideas and where to shop for them, along with curated online interior decorating – aka E-Design. After all, what better time than the present to let myself virtually into people’s homes, and inspire them to create a beautifully decorated space all their own.

Am I a trained interior designer? No. Do I think I have an eye for home decor and putting things together? Depends on the day and how much wine I’ve had. But in all honesty, it’s what I love – and that’s all that matters, right? Hopefully if you’re interested, you’ll follow along. Here’s hoping for more than 5 readers. But who’s counting.

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