Our Mid-Century Modern & Eclectic Dining Room

My Dining Room

When we moved into our condo, we pretty much started from scratch with our dining room. I knew I wanted a heavy mid-century modern influence, with clean lines yet a lot of warmth. My go-to retailers for dining furniture have always been West Elm and World Market. World Market is fantastic for dining chairs at an affordable price and I’ve always found them to be great quality and on-trend with their styles. I searched high and low for the right tone Wishbone Chairs at a reasonable cost (these are World Market and unfortunately no longer available), and am so happy with these as they pretty much matched the wood of the table exactly.

Our bar area might be my favorite corner in my house… I mean that’s obvious, but aesthetically as well!

I shared this tip on Instagram, but choosing the right rug size for your dining table can make such a big difference in your space. I follow the rule of thumb that all four of your dining chair’s legs should fit comfortably on the carpet, and when you pull out the chair, they should still be on the rug. Not only will it anchor your furniture better, but it helps makes the setup feel more purposeful and finished. Ours is an 8’x10’, and our dining table is 5 1/2’ long.

One more tip on rugs, as I’ve done the trial and error ordering for you (we’ve got all hardwood floors and require a lot of them). If you’re shopping on sites like Wayfair and Overstock, read the reviews! Especially if they’ve included photos. A rug can look different in certain lighting, online, etc., and I’ve found that in general, they are fairly accurate in their opinions. When a larger rug (8’x10’ or bigger) is under $300, it will likely be pretty thin and require a rug pad. Which can be totally fine if you are going for more of a look than under foot feel. I don’t mind a thinner rug in a dining room, but a higher, denser pile always feels more luxurious. In summary, it’s worth taking a couple minutes and seeing what others have to say.

My review? Ours is fantastic for the price – slightly higher pile (no rug pad required), a nice taupe-beige neutral with rust, blue, and golden accents – 5 stars! 😉

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