February 26, 2021

My Office Design: A Chic & Girly Lounge Area

When we bought our condo, we envisioned the third bedroom becoming both an office, but also a sitting room. One with an extra TV for those nights I just want to turn on Bravo and enjoy the superficial drama in my own peace, ya know? The funny part is, I’ve watched TV only a handful of times in here, and it sort of transformed into my little getaway room. Afternoon reading, FaceTime’s with friends, my virtual book club room, really just a comfortable place to hang outside of our living room.

This was my canvas to go wild! The first step was finding the perfect floral wallpaper for my one and only accent wall in my home. Finding a floral design that wasn’t overtly girly and didn’t scream nursery was a challenge. I searched high and low to find this gorgeous peony print and love how it subtly pulls out blushes to compliment the rest of the room.

We didn’t have any furniture to start, so I was able to design it from scratch and let me little girly heart choose what it wanted. Within reason that is – I’m still a budget shopper at heart. Macy’s has always been my secret weapon for sofas. You can find a nice quality piece always on a sale. I love the square arm and tufted detail of this one. However, as I lived in the room and learned it’s function a bit more, I wished I had gone with a chaise sofa. So instead, I found a dreamy blush velvet ottoman and situated so that it functioned as a place to lounge.

I struggled a bit in figuring out the long wall, but opted for a chic narrow console and created a little moment. This is the room in our house that gets the most sunlight, so naturally it’s become home to many of my houseplants.

What you can’t see is the other side of the room, which actually houses our desk setup. And when I said ours, I mean my husbands. What once was my office for when I was working full time in the event industry, has now shifted to Greg’s office. But I still have half the room to lounge around and live out all my girly dreams. And that’s fine by me.

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