My Favorite Must Try Mascaras

If there’s anything I love just as much as home decor, it’s makeup! From drugstore to high end, I’ve rounded up my favorite mascaras that I think everyone must try, and I’ve tried a LOT. Maybe it’s from my years of dancing professionally in the NBA, or the dozens (if not hundreds) of YouTube makeup videos I watched during quarantine. In either case, mascara is my can’t live without makeup item and I have found my tried and true favorites.

I look for a formula that gives a ton of length, but also volume, and doesn’t flake off during the day. And my non-negotiable: 2 coats MAX. I don’t have the patience for mascaras that take 6 coats to look good.

Favorite for Volume: L’Oreal Lash Paradise

Hasn’t everyone at one point used Voluminous from L’Oreal? It’s a classic! Lash Paradise is one that everyone seems to have on their favorites list, and for a good reason. It’s a total dupe for Better Than Sex from Too Faced. Nice, bushy bristles, a formula that washes off easily and stays put all day. This one is my old reliable for a gorgeous, lush lash!

Favorite for Volume + Length: Wet n Wild Big Poppa

Yes, I said it: Wet N Wild. This is a newer discovery but quickly has rose to the top – and you can find it UNDER $5 at the drugstore! A similar bristle brush to Lash Paradise, this one delivers on the length but also just the right amount of volume. Big bang for your buck!

Favorite for Length: Thrive Causemetics Liquid Lash Extensions

I love this brand! You used to be able to find this at Ulta, but now I believe it’s only on the Thrive Causemetics website which is where I order it from. This one has a plastic brush, and is a bit wetter of a formula. Don’t wait too long between coats, it dries pretty quickly.

Do you have any mascaras that somehow seem to get better when they are a bit older? That’s this one for me. I need to give a couple weeks of being opened for it to fully blossom. But the LENGTH!!! Truly lives up to its name. Plus it’s a tubing mascara, which I love for easy wash off. The mascara literally rubs off your lashes in tubes with only water – no messy black smearing.

All Around Favorite & Total Must Try: Maybelline Sky High Mascara

Last but certainly not least, Maybelline’s new Sky High Mascara. This one is a heavy hitter, and has quickly rose to the top of my leaderboard. The formula has all the best characteristics of the others – super lengthening, builds great volume at the base, and I could even get away with one coat some days… it’s just that good! The brush is plastic and pretty flexible, and at first swipe you might think… this isn’t doing much. But it immediately starts building and WOW. I have a new favorite everyday mascara!

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Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara

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