A High End Centerpiece Using Filler Greenery

A girl showcasing an arrangement of greenery in a brass vase in a kitchen.

One of the best kept secrets at Trader Joe’s is the $2.99 filler greenery, and that you can use it to design a centerpiece arrangement that looks truly high end! For less than a latte, you can bring fresh greenery into your home and will last you at least a week, if not more. With just a few tips and tricks, you can take this $2.99 throw away element and design it into a high end looking centerpiece that makes for beautiful kitchen island decor, or really anywhere in your home!

Prepping Your Filler Greenery

After selecting your vase (I suggest one with a medium size opening – you don’t want it too large), the first step is to remove any bottom leaves so that not are in the water. Use your vase size as a guide. Next, cut the stems evenly into 3 lengths – long, medium, and short. Always cut on an angle.

Depending on your bunch, there may be some thicker stems that are too large to cut easily. Use those as your long length stems. You’ll want to instead take your scissors and cut a slit directly up the center of the stem about 1/2″ long. This will allow the stem to still drink up fresh water. Always always trim your stems, it will makes your greens last even longer!

Designing Your Centerpiece

It’s all about the placement of your stems to achieve that high end, editorial look! We’re creating a sprawling arrangement here, so keep that shape in mind.

First, take your longest stems and place them in your vase, out to the sides.

Next, take your medium stems and place them to form a cross, perpendicular to your long stems. This is the base shape. You may have heard of the scotch tape trick when arranging flowers – where you make a grid of tape and use that as a guide to hold your stems in place. If you have chosen a smaller opening size on your vase, you don’t need to do that here. Instead, just make sure your stems are interlocking together. This will give it structure and hold it in place.

Lastly, take your shortest stems and gather them in your hand. Place them directly in the center, making sure to interlock the stems at the base. Fluff them a bit so they are standing straight up, giving your design volume and completing the look!

A High End Centerpiece Design for Just $2.99!

Voila! Next time you’re at Trader Joe’s, try grabbing a bunch of the filler greenery and design your own high end centerpiece. I promise it’s super easy! And it makes for a gorgeous addition to your kitchen island. For another idea on transforming simple greenery, check out this post!

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