Home decorating is my passion - but I totally get it’s not everyones. Or maybe it is, but you just need a little extra help and a trained eye to help pull everything together. Whether you’re looking to re-decorate a room, fill an empty space, or finally finish that room that is sort of done; E-Design is a convenient, accessible, and budget conscious way to decorate your home. 


So Why


A design for a small space like an entryway, nook, or a corner of a room you just can’t decide what to do with. Also great if you have some existing furniture, but need help to switch in some new pieces and accessories to refresh the space.

You’ll receive the custom design board, and a clickable shopping list with links to all the pieces. 


Complete room design

A complete design for one room in your home from scratch (Living Room, Bedroom, Dining Room, Office, Nursery, etc) including furniture and accessories. In general, a larger space or more comprehensive design scope. 

You’ll receive the custom design board, a room layout with notes and placement suggestions, and a clickable shopping list with links to all the pieces.




Start by clicking the Get Started button below, or send an email to krystal@thesmittencollective.com. Then we’ll set up some time to talk about what package and spaces you are thinking about, decor budget, and the overall scope of what you’re looking for. We can do it all over the phone, email, or even a video chat - whatever is most convenient for you! From there I’ll send you a link to check out and pay for your package.

Next, I’ll have you send me photos of your space, rough measurements (don’t worry, I can talk you through this part), and photos of any existing pieces you might be working with. Finally, time to send any of those inspiration photos or share your Pinterest board with me! I want to really capture your style, so whatever you’d like to send my way, go for it!

Within 2 weeks, I put together a virtual design board - AKA a digital image of your room’s pieces and accessories all pulled together into one curated package to help you visualize the final design. If you don’t love something on the first go, no worries! You’ll receive one revision to swap things out or make tweaks.

I’ll send you the final concept, along with a detailed shopping list including photos and links to the pieces in your design board. A complete room design package also comes with a room layout with my placement suggestions.  

That’s when I hand the torch to you! Purchase, order, and set up on your own, but I’ll be available if you have any questions. Then the fun part - see it all come together!