One Room Challenge: Guest Bedroom

A couple weeks ago, after seeing some of my favorite accounts on Instagram doing the same, I was inspired to sign up for the One Room Challenge event and design my guest bedroom. Since we just moved in and the room wasn’t touched, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to get motivated to finish at least one room in our house sooner rather than later! The One Room Challenge is put on twice a year by Better Homes & Gardens, and challenges participants to completely redo one room in their home in 8 weeks. You provide weekly updates along the way (check out mine every Thursday!), and get to follow along as talented designers, decorators, and DIY-ers tackle some pretty amazing designs, projects, and concepts. It’s all about community cheering on community, and getting tons of inspiration for your own projects as well.


My One Room Challenge Guest Bedroom Design

I’ve always been drawn to a vintage style, and decided to really embrace that look and feel for my guest bedroom design! The concept as I like to call it is “Granny Chic”, with a bit of southern charm and lots of cozy textures that make a guest bedroom feel welcoming.

Here’s a rundown of the projects you can expect:

  • Painting the walls a celery green hue – this the first thing I tackled, and absolutely love how the color looks. It’s called “Lemongrass” from Sherwin Williams
  • Install a decorative wallpaper / picture molding design. I’ve been playing around with a few different concepts and have narrowed it down to 2 options:
  • I’ll also be installing a new light fixture to replace the old ceiling fan, and potentially wall sconces for additional light
  • Finally, I’ll be giving my existing bedroom furniture a facelift – with some fun ideas of how to transform what you already have in an easy and cost effective way!

So excited to take you along on the process, and take on the One Room Challenge for my guest bedroom! Be sure to follow my updates on Instagram!

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