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A lot of times my design inspiration starts with a specific piece of furniture. I found this stunning Colonial style canopy bed and I was off to the races. Did you know that Kelly Clarkson has a home furnishings line? Well she sure does, and that bed is part of it; which has surprisingly a ton of great designs. I’m also low key obsessed with the girl, so there’s that. The spindle trend has been back for awhile and I love the subtle nod to Colonial style it gives!

Combining Furniture + Mixing Styles

Combining pieces of furniture can be tricky once you start mixing styles. I like to let color tones be a guide to keep things looking cohesive. Here, I stuck to warmer tones like the taupe rug, rich olive/brown chair, wood furniture that was more orange and yellow vs gray, and brass accents. I love how this one came together with an eclectic touch, yet still letting that glorious bed shine through.

Maybe there’s an existing piece of furniture (or piece of art, light fixture, etc) that you love, and want to re-do your space with that as the inspiration. Sometimes it helps to have fresh eyes on it to get the design going. Speak no further – I got you 😉 Check out my E-Design page to learn more about my online design services and the process of virtually decorating a room. Shoot me an email to or use the Contact form to get started!

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