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When I sat down and starting working on this living room design I thought to myself, wait a second… Did I just recreate the California winery/ranch house living room from The Parent Trap with LiLo?? I was certain I was spot on, and it was giving me all the feels. Then I google-imaged the living room from the movie. Nope. Not quite. But in my mind, it still captures that ranch-inspired, California cozy and rustic design style.

It’s no surprise that so many of these pieces are from Pottery Barn. They really have got that warm, classic, and rustic yet refined style down pat. I love a chaise sofa, and I like to pair this configuration with a round coffee table to help soften everything, and plus it just spatially works better. And every cozy space needs a blanket ladder, plus the fact that storage that doubles as decor is always a good idea! Working within a limited color palette, I find that incorporating lots of textures helps build depth and really make a space feel inviting. I mean I’d totally want to hang out here with a glass of red wine and dream about riding horses. Or just watch The Parent Trap on repeat.

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