Kitchen Countertop Styling Ideas

I love coming up with ideas for kitchen countertop styling, mostly because I gather ideas for what to style with from the kitchen itself! From cutting boards to serving pieces, flowers to cookbooks… I’ve rounded up a few fun ideas to style your kitchen counters using mostly what you might already have!

Countertop Styling Ideas

I always start with pulling pretty pieces from the actual kitchen. Think serving bowls, tools, cutting boards, cheese boards; really anything that you might entertain with works well!

As with anytime you’re styling, varying heights and layers are important to making it look, well… styled! Rethink items around your house that could be used as risers or pieces to set other pieces on. Here, I took what is technically a wall shelf and used it to elevate and display without taking up too much counter space itself.

I’ve always said that cookbooks are the coffee table books of the kitchen. Use them as decor! You could stack them on a tray on your island, or display them with some fun bookends. Even grab a cute cookbook display stand and leave it open to your favorite recipe.

Styling Ideas Using Layers

These days, there are so many cute cutting boards, cheese boards, and serving boards that are perfect for styling your kitchen with! Vary your shapes and sizes, and opt for two or three deep for a great look.

And I always love adding texture with dried or faux plants, fresh flowers, or fresh greenery!

All in all – less is more! There will obviously be your day to day things you will work around like your coffee maker, etc. But using these kitchen countertop styling ideas will add just the right amount of decor without needing to buy anything more than you already own. And after all, some things are just too pretty not to display – use them!

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