Three Easy To Care For Houseplants

Caring for houseplants (aka managing to just keep them alive for a lot of people) can be a tricky thing, so I’m sharing three easy to care for houseplants that are super low maintenance! You might not realize that a lot of varieties are technically native to a humid, rainforest type setting that’s hard to replicate within the four walls of your home. Most have finicky light requirements, methodical watering schedules, and even humidifiers to keep them happy. But there are some great options for those who don’t want the hassle of meticulous care or the disappointment of yet another plant killed. I’ve outlined three easy to care for houseplants that not only are low maintenance, but beautiful plants to decorate with!

Pothos Plant

Quite possibly my favorite plant that also happens to be one of the most popular. And for a good reason! Pothos are extremely easy to care for, and make a fun decorating accent around your home. I love a good hanging or wall mounted planter, and these guys are the perfect match with their trailing vines.

I water mine once a week, and make sure it gets bright, indirect light throughout most of the day. Light is key for plants. Be wary of anything claiming to be “virtually light free”, as all plants need some light to survive. The best thing you can do for them is to find a spot in your home that fulfills their light requirements, and they will thrive!

Pothos are fun because you can “propagate” them into new plants! Meaning you clip off part of a vine, and set it in water for a couple of weeks until new roots sprout (much like if you’ve seen people do it with avocados, potatoes, etc.). Then you can replant them back into the soil to generate a new vine! Simply google “propagating a pothos plant” for a detailed look on how and where to clip them.

Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum)

The spathiphyllum, or Peace Lily plant, is another lovely plant to decorate with that takes a simple once a week watering schedule to keep it happy. Same with the pothos, this guy likes bright, indirect light. I keep mine next to this window which doesn’t get a ton of light throughout the day, but still is doing really well. It seems be fairly tolerant if the light comes and goes.

Peace lilies can be prone to brown tips or spots, which are easy to mitigate by simply taking a sharp scissors and cutting them off. The plant heals up and carries on! If an entire leaf is browning, all you have to do is clip it right at the base of the stem. I get new leaves growing in all the time by giving my plant this little bit of extra maintenance. But all in all – an easy to care for plant that is nice and leafy!

Snake Plant

The snake plant is a look, one that you might love or hate. But this guy is virtually impossible to kill, so a great choice for the blackest of thumbs! If your style swings more mid-century or modern, this plant might make an awesome accent in your home.

Again, watering once a week is good, but it really only needs a small amount. If you forget, it will probably be totally fine. They are very drought tolerant, therefore making them a beyond easy plant to care for!

Try implementing “Watering Wednesday” or one day a week that you tend to your plants. Keeping a schedule makes it super easy, and if you forget a week? These 3 probably won’t be too mad at you.

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